Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Once upon a time, maybe never again...

Yeah, lack of sleep can either do wonders for inspiration or it can drive you absolutely bonkers!

While laying in bed last night daydreaming of things, I started writing and have completed a series of small notes that will be the basis of a new series of works in the loose working title, "Once upon a time, maybe never again..." I guess it's my usual autobiographical musings on life/love/chances and drinking. How things never really turn out the way you want them and then pow! it socks it to you and something pretty fantastic can happen.

Here they are, and yeah, I do tend to wear my heart on my sleeve but I was once told that a truth told in art is a truth read by viewers. I think that's about right.

p.s - sorry to those who can recognise themselves, you know who you are!

I once fell in love with a man called Josh.
He called me angel but then he left for Kabul to save the world.
~ Not me.

I once had a man, a house, a cat and all the other stuff.
I then walked away so I could breathe.
~ and stop the lies.

A man called Chris once told me he loved me.
Turns out he didn’t but he couldn’t tell me why.

I was once in love with a gay man. He made me feel incredible but he was very sick and miles away.

I once met a guy at a pub.
I felt like I knew him all my life.
I didn’t want to fall in love but I did.
It was only a week and a half

A guy called Mark told me that he loved me so much he had trouble describing it.
I really believe him.

I once lived a lie, then I started telling myself the truth.
I think I’m happier now.

I once met a silly man from Dublin.
He told me I was the most beautiful girl in the world.
I feel sick when I think of him.

I met a man that was a team player.
He said it was us against the world baby and that we would win,
~ I think our odds are pretty good.

and a big shout out to Sandra, who's work I totally love and has inspired me to start making pictures again as well as write!


Madly weaving - trying to get this tapestry finished!

Here are some photos that the amazing Cendrine took while I am madly trying to get this tapestry finished.
It's pretty funny as I think of this as my 'turning point' tapestry as it's quite different to any of the other works I have done, especially in colour palette. Also, the girl is blonde!! Shock horror, she's normally a brunette (gee, wonder why?!)
I haven't decided on a title just yet, it's under the working title of 'That 80s tapestry' mostly due to the fluro yellow involved but it has been loads of fun!

Weaving away....

We love gifts that you can drink!

The excitement of Zubrowka, one of the best Polish vodkas invented.
I'm sorry for the crazy angle on the picture too! Those pesty paparazzi!!!

The look of love, is in your eyes....
or is it in the paper bag?! and my martini glass is empty!

More festivities and drinks...

There was much finger pointing as to who would go to the bar next, being the birthday gal and wearing a killer pair of heels, I didn't appear to get up at all only to shmooze my way around the table to the guests.
Also with the paparazzi in tow, we were told that they were giving us cheap and dodgy vodka, then that there was no Belvedere vodka left! Hence our looks of horror!

Miss Mollie Moscow's birthday bash

Although Miss Mollie's birthday kicked off at midnight with some champagne courtesy of the very sneaky Cendrine (her eyes are peaking out at the bottom corner) - here we are attempting to make our way to the bar at about 3pm in the arvo for the first of many martinis. It was also quite chilly in Melbourne on this day which allowed for my KGB issue Ushanka to be pulled out for the day!
And many 'cheers' and clinking of martini glasses!

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