Sunday, January 20, 2008

Green envelope tapestry in progress

finally here's a photo of the tapestry on the loom, not too long to go now.

I always find it weird working with green but this has been fun to weave, especially the right way up too which I rarely do due to size restrictions.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

envelope tapestry

I've been such a slacker on my posts! very very bad!!

However I have finally started weaving again, mostly due to some exhibition deadlines and knowing that my cat is unlikely to eat another needle and thread from my studio and have to be rushed to emergency - again!

So I've finally started weaving again on my green envelope series tapestry and it is really rushing along. I've only done maybe 8 hours work on it this weekend and managed to weave heaps. I have to get this tapestry off the loom and start on a small piece for another show. Yes, weaving small has never been that easy for me, but I'm feeling confident about this piece.
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