Saturday, August 9, 2008

MIFF - Bob Marley and Lee Scratch Perry

Heading into the last weekend of the Melbourne International Film Festival saw me doing 3 films in one day on Saturday 9th August, the only triple session I had done this year.

It started at 10.45am with a mad dash to see the Bob Marley doco and Lee 'Scratch' Perry doco. I had read on Richard's blog that the Bob Marley one was pretty disappointing so I didn't have much expectations and Richard was pretty much right. After going to Kingston in Jamaica late last year, I recognised the scenery but the doco didn't deliver anything new or exciting. The Lee Scratch Perry on the otherhand was very intriguing. Described in the guide as:

"Some people call Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry a prophet; others claim he’s a madman. Seeing him in the opening scenes of this documentary – spinning in circles in his plaid shorts, oversized sunglasses, spouting the praises of Jah Rastafari – you could conclude he’s a little bit of both. Kicking off in rural Jamaica, Upsetter looks into Perry’s youth before segueing to the days of his musical peak in Kingston, where he mentored a young Bob Marley, shaped the reggae sound as we know it today, pioneered a new genre called ‘dub’ and invented what would become ‘the remix’. A documentation of music culture and a unique character study, Upsetter uses archival and contemporary footage, interviews, concert and music clips, and dramatic recreations to detail Perry’s influence across the globe."

After watching this doco, I have a new found respect for Mr Perry who has always been so inventive and incredibly original. I have also found my continual lack of love for MIFF audiences! I'm sick of people laughing at inappropriate parts, people coming in and out half way through films. Where did film attendance etiquette go?

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