Sunday, August 10, 2008

MIFF - Revue & Dead Daughters

My second and third films were Russian films. The first Revue was a stunning collage of various Soviet films used for propaganda and support for the Communist regime from the 1920s to 1940s. The films filmed in black and white were broken up with music and dance scenes that had me tapping away to the oompa music in the cinema. Very quiet and beautiful and a fantastic opportunity to see this type of historical footage on the big screen.

Dead Daughters was shown at 11.15pm at the Capitol theatre. There were huge cues so it looked like it was going to be popular. The story was "three young women, murdered by their mother, return from the dead to take revenge. Anyone who comes in contact with these spirits and commits a sin within three days will suffer their wrath. With this in mind, five Muscovites attempt to remain without sin - though sometimes the greatest sin is inaction."

The film was entertaining, though I think I would of enjoyed watching it earlier in the evening. It reminded me of films such as The Ring with the group of friends banding together as they each get picked off by some supernatural force. Yet again, the MIFF audiences were there in their annoying state. There were so many people walking out throughout the film it was incredibly distracting! I know that it was late but are we that picky these days that we can't hang around for 2 hours to see how a film ends... not matter how bad we think it is?!

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