Monday, September 1, 2008

Fidel Castro & Miss Mollie Moscow party on!

Mark's  bday Nat's pics 002
Fidel Castro & Miss Mollie Moscow

It was my partner's birthday on the weekend and we decided to party on at our favourite local bar, Baranows which is also a great (although non-smoking) cigar bar. It never really was going to be a fancy dress party but it ended up with the theme of Cuban/communist/ or dictator like. Mark with his impressive facial hair decided to go as Fidel Castro and me, as my made-up Russian communist character, Miss Mollie Moscow.

Mark's  bday Mardis picture 001
The Cigar Cake!

Much organization went in, with me making the claim that I was going to make a cake in the shape of a cigar and also the time that went into making our outfits. I went back into a sewing frenzy making Miss Mollie's dress as well as decorating Mark's Fidel shirt and making the Castro cap for his 'largish' head!

Mark's  bday Nat's pics 010
Our Comrades, Miss Mollie Moscow & martini, Lenin, Mao supporter & Fidel

A great night was had with the last people (Miss Mollie, Fidel and our SS officer Miss Nat) all going to bed around 6am the next morning. I think even our cat Nina had a hangover!

Now all I have to decide on is what I'll do for MY birthday!!!

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