Monday, September 29, 2008

Miss Showgirl...

Miss Goulburn Showgirl 2008.

With the Melbourne Show finishing on the weekend, it made me think about my childhood in regional Victoria. I used to visit the local show, enter craft and cooked items into the displays, even take my pets to win $2.50 for a first prize for the cutest guinea pig. I then began to wonder if the Miss Showgirl still existed, or was it passe and not politically correct?

Though after some googling to find the old regulations of 'Miss Showgirl', I discovered that it is well and alive. Here are the regulations for Miss Showgirl Mildura.
The Award is conducted by the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria Limited and Victorian Agricultural Societies Association Incorporated to select the winner of the Junior Show Ambassador Award.
These rules and regulations apply to all aspects of the Award. Applicants who enter the Award are to be bound by the rules and Regulations for the Junior Show Ambassador Award and to abide by all decisions of the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria Limited in relation to all matters in connection with or arising out of the Award.
Entrants must:
• Apply and complete the application/entry form
• Provide an article on their hobbies which are relevant to the competition and their
current involvement with Agricultural Shows.
• Be available to attend Regional interviews, State Final interviews and announcement
of Awards at the Royal Melbourne Show.
• Aged between 17 - 20 years inclusive at the time of their local Show.
• Enthusiastic and knowledgeable about rural life and affairs, and Agricultural Shows.

Entrants must wear smart, casual, tailored clothing and will be judged in accordance
with the following guidelines:
Community Involvement = 5 points
Country Show involvement = 25 points
General & Rural Knowledge = 20 points
Personality = 10 points
Ambitions/Goals = 20 points
Communication Skills = 10 points
Style, Grooming and Deportment = 10 points
Public Presentation (3 Minute Oral Presentation = 20 points
TOTAL . . . . . . . . . 120 points

I remember seeing that all applicants must be 'single' as well, was this a hang over from having to be a virgin? hmmm.... I wonder why I never got involved in such contests?!

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