Monday, October 13, 2008

Art Stuff that I'm Following

I realized that I hadn't made a post for close to 2 weeks! When flicking through my diary I realized how crazy the month of October was looking and it's all revolving around a wide range of arty stuff, which is good but mad!

I thought I'd give a bit of a run down on what I've been doing and art stuff I've been following!

Public programs for Ugly, Drunk and Stupid exhibition.

For starters, we held a Melbourne Fringe Festival exhibition at Town Hall Gallery for one week featuring a whole bunch of Melbourne Comic Book artists. The exhibition titled: Ugly, Drunk and Stupid was curated by Jo Waite and Bernard Caleo and was lots of fun. I think one of my favourite activities was the Ugly draw off where everyone was drawing on 'beer coaster shaped' paper. Visit our flickr to see the final results.

I also went and saw one of my all time favourite bands The Futureheads play at the Corner Hotel in Richmond. It was a fantastic evening and I have to say that I haven't had so much fun at a gig for a very, very long time!! I think that I even had sore legs from bopping along way too much!

I've also been organizing our annual Get Into Art day at the gallery which will also include our zine fair. This is all happening on Sunday 26 October from 11am -4pm. A big shout out to the wonderful Candace Petrik who has been a superstar in helping me get it all together - she's a gem!

Also, I'm curating an exhibition which will be held at Town Hall Gallery from 3 - 20 December called Manipulate: Construct. It features 9 tapestry artists (me included!) and will be focusing on contemporary tapestry. Needless to say that this exhibition has been making me VERY busy!! I got my butt into gear and did a whole heap of weaving over the weekend to the point that my fingers were bleeding - again. I'm hoping to have possibly 2 new tapestries to show for the exhibition, without killing myself first! We'll see how that goes, currently I have one tapestry that I showed in Florida earlier this year which has now seemed to have gone missing on it's way back to Australia. Very frustrating as it means I have to weave more! I guess these things do happen though.
I will post images of the tapestry in progress for the show soon also! Maybe when October has finished.

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