Monday, November 24, 2008

Moving on...

Last week was a little crazy, well more than crazy. After being in our apartment for close to 2 years, we received a letter from our Nazi like property managers that they had been notified of the presence of animals on the premises. Yes, our pussy-cat Nina (aka Anne Frank) had been outed to the Nazi's! I had a pretty bad day at work that day and came home to that letter, naturally making me feel much more crap!

We made the decision to move before they officially evicted us, mostly due to the fact that not only was there the cat issue but they now wanted us to remove the 6 small pots near our back door which we grow our yummy herbs. So pussy-cat, impending rent increase and a soul-less and herb-less house was sounding all a bit much.

So the MaMa's are moving on to a much better and bigger place (with a back yard too!) It's all working out, my tapestry is just about finished meaning I can dismantle my loom also my much larger than expected tax return should be arriving in the mail shortly.

I'm expecting this weekend that our car will look a little bit like the above when we collect the keys. We are looking forward to exploring a new area so expect some reviews and photos soon!

I hate moving but I do enjoy decorating a new house.

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