Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Manipulate: Construct exhibition

Well after much craziness, I managed to get the works up for the Manipulate: Construct exhibition at Town Hall Gallery. (The gallery I manage) Above are some images of my work in the exhibition and I thought I would talk a little bit about the philosophy of the show.
There are 9 artists involved and each artist has a wall and a table to display works. All artists work with woven tapestry but also with other media as well. I took the opportunity to show 3 larger works that have been woven over the last few years. They haven't been woven in sequence but cover an aesthetic and themes that are recurring for me.
On my table I decided to show items and books that relate to me and my work and also influence my practice. Others had small works and drawings on their table but I like the idea of other objects being on display as my studio is full of books, magazines and all sorts of weird items that I've picked up over the years and thought, "that's a cool image" or "I like that font" etc.
I find it sometimes difficult to talk about the meaning of these works, I've always worked intuitively and my works really are an extension of my persona. I decided upon this as an explanation:

This body of work explores my fascination with ideas of strong women and a romanticism for revolutionary ideals. I am an avid collector of military regalia and also read widely about various periods of conflict. After visiting Cuba in 2007, I have been working on creating my own ‘political aesthetic’ that combines my passion for the everyday. The works themselves portray a personal sense of self while situating themselves within this aesthetic.
I like the term 'political aesthetic' my partner came up with that for me as the works themselves aren't politically charged, more take on the looks and are influenced by propaganda posters and Communist regalia. The idea of control v's strength is important to me also. As is my romantic view of Communist life, I like to situate and create my own narratives for these situations.
The exhibition is on at Town Hall Gallery from 3-20 December.

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