Thursday, December 18, 2008

tapestry, tapestry and some more tapestry

Listening in: Stasi

melbourne weekly article

I thought that I would finally put up a decent photograph of the Listening In: Stasi tapestry that was completed this year. Also a small article was in the Melbourne Weekly on the show, nice to see that they mentioned the term politics! That's what we like to see.

I've had an interesting week this week, an art critic from the AGE came by yesterday to check out the exhibition for a review, he was going on about how he didn't like the I Wanted To Start A Revolution tapestry, until I told him that it was my work then he kinda back peddled a bit. I'm not fazed by people's critical comments of my artwork, I think I actually get more peeved when people bag out my curating! Artwork is for people to take or leave and generally I prefer them to either be so moved that they hate it than to be indifferent to it. I'm keeping my eyes open for the review, be interesting to see what he says.

I've also been dealing with a serial pest at the gallery. I won't mention names but when you work in the arts you get the joys of many things; artists with delusions of grandeur, visitors who feel that attending the gallery seems to give them a higher social standing and crazy people who come to the launches for free wine and free food. Sometimes you get a combo of all three. I swear that some of them will be the death of me!!!

I'm starting to plan my long service leave for next year too. I think doing the stuff in San Jose and maybe a residency in the USA as well will give my the kick in the butt to focus on my art again before doing a solo show in 2010. Plus my main aim is to be in San Jose for the annual tattoo convention - nice!

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Jones said...

Delusions of grandeur + free booze = Wayward 'Toonists.

That is all!

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