Friday, December 19, 2008

Tito's Vodka

I hadn't done any posting about my favourite subject vodka of late, why? I'm not really sure, I have been drinking it but just not writing about it.

I've gone off my usual dirty belvedere vodka martini with 3 olives lately. I've gone back to one of my other classic favourites, the Vodka Gibson. What's that? Well it's kinda like a martini, belvedere based, spray of vermouth but instead of olives it has cocktail onions. There's something quite beautiful about the Gibson, they way the onions glisten in the premium vodka, the way they run around the glass easily in their spherical manner. I think aesthetically that the Gibson is one hell of a beautiful drink, simple and perfect.

People who know me well know about my ultimate dream, to own a vodka distillery and be one of the first women in Australia to create a perfect premium vodka. I was flicking through a recent copy of Black Book magazine and came across an advert for 'Titos Vodka'. What the hell is that I thought? Tito? Doesn't particularly sound like a good eastern european vodka. Hmmm...

Tito's Vodka

This is Tito and he's dog, I imagine his name to be Yella.

Well, apparently it is made in TEXAS!! Weird. It does have a pretty and simple label, think back to when Zubrowka had a simple, green, black and gold label, it was perfection. I haven't tasted this vodka yet but yes I will give it a go. Maybe I'll even write Tito a letter to see how he went about this. Visit here for more info on Tito's vodka. He has a labrador too, you got to trust a man who makes vodka, who's named Tito and who has a dog. So Texas.

All this talk of vodka is making me think of the stock up I need to do prior to Christmas and New Years. If anyone is thinking of gifts for me, bring on either the Belvedere vodka or Zubrowka. Just bring it on.

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