Friday, February 22, 2008

Some new collages

I was a little bored the other night so I started doing some collages.

I'm still playing around with the envelope series as a background. I like the envelope as a metaphor for holding things, secrets and keeping things safe.

I'm also getting the Stasi, Revolution, secret agent thing coming through again. I guess it's just a subconscious way of working and obviously what I've been reading and writing about always influences my work, but I'm not really sure what it says about my personality!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Tapestry 2008 Symposium

9 April - 7 May

Tapestry 2008 will explore the relationships between visual art, tapestry and the craft of weaving through a symposium, exhibitions, master classes and seminars.
This is being held at ANU (Australian National University in Canberra)

For more information about the program and registration forms visit:

There will be exhibitions and masterclasses. I am attending this symposium also.

Stasi - about to start

I created this collage about a year ago and I've been wanting to weave it ever since.

I've posted on this before, so I won't go into the story about it but I've made a few changes, cropped it, added some yellow as well. I'm really just trying to work out which way it will be getting woven, right way up or on the side, both have issues really.

I will be warping up my loom this weekend and making a start so I will post on the work in progress.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Yarn made from Newspaper

More from the Design Academy Eindhoven graduation show: Greetje van Tiem, a graduate from the academy’s Man and Leisure department, presents a project that turns old newspapers into yarn that can be woven into carpets, curtains and upholstery.

Red Lip Ready tapestry

This is some shots of a recent tapestry completed. It's very small for me, only 25 x 25cm. I worked on it for the small format tapestry exhibition for the American Tapestry Alliance. Working small is something I just don't do!!! Though after completing a larger tapestry, doing something small that is easily completed in a small time frame is very refreshing. I also enjoy doing the faces small and quickly and just letting them happen and kind of do their own thing. The tapestry is now on it's way to the USA.
The image is a crop of a larger collage that I made years ago. One of the things that I often notice with the translation of the image from it's original glossy form to woven form is sometimes the facial expression can seem quite different. The girl in the tapestry seems harsher, maybe a little gothic with her lips bleeding a little onto her face (the colour, not literally!)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Tapestry completed

This is the tapestry that I've been calling the Green Envelope tapestry completed. This shot is of it still on the loom resting.
I'm quite pleased how it has turned out especially the scale of the face which was fun yet challenging to weave as it's close to human size!
The tapestry is approximately 70cm wide by 60cm in height.
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