Wednesday, January 28, 2009

cupcakes, cocktails and birthday festivities

birthday gifts from my man
The 2 great books that Mark got me for my birthday, a book on Sailor Jerry and the 3rd installment in the Russian Criminal tattoo books.

my volume is getting complete!
My set is complete ... so far!

birthday 1

Me enjoying a Pimm's and eyeing off the cupcakes at my birthday party.

It was my birthday yesterday, I held my 'Cupcakes and Cocktails' party on Saturday afternoon at Baranows lounge which was loads of fun! Jess from Sugadeaux made the fabulous cupcakes, cosmopolitan, mojito, passion fruit and pink champagne flavoured - yum!

My man bought me a fabulous gift. A great book on Sailor Jerry which covers lots of correspondence from and to him over the years and his history of tattooing. Also the 3rd book in the Russian Criminal Tattoo encyclopedia series, so lots of reading coming up!

Yesterday for my birthday, I spent the day at the day spa getting scrubbed, buffed, exfoliated and mani/pedi-cured. It was a great relief to be inside the day spa domain and not out and about in the heat. It's meant to be low 40 degrees Celsius here for the week - not so lovely.

I had a great birthday this year, great drinks, great conversation and hanging out with some of my bestie friends and also some of my oldest friends... I appreciate them coming along and indulging with me!

Hopefully I don't melt this week like the wicked witch of the west... fingers crossed.


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