Friday, January 23, 2009

Favourites and searching

I've been searching and checking out my statistics on my Flickr site. I also did the same for the gallery flickr site as well with some interesting results.

My all time viewed photo on my personal flickr site is that of my tattoos on my wrists. Looking at the stats it was interesting to see that alot of people found this photo via Google images. How did they search for this? With these key words... "tattoo font", "simple tattoo", "font tattoo", "font tattoos", "wanted tattoos". I thought that this was pretty interesting as none of them mention the term tapestry, which is pretty integral to the tattoo!

Nerdy? possibly!

Tapestry tattoo

1 comment:

Jack Freshwater said...

Hello, weird request I know, but could you possibly tell me the name of the font those tattoos are in? I really like it! Thanks a lot.


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