Friday, January 2, 2009

getting a cartoon together

Well we have moved house and are attempting to unpack and get everything together. It's always a bit exciting moving into a new studio and my new house has a great room that I will be working in with lots of natural light and is much bigger than my last room.

I've put the loom together and with the new year, decided to scan an image that I had decided was going to be the next tapestry. This image is a collage that I did directly onto a stretched canvas. I'm loving the square format and the way the collage wraps around the edge. So I'm going to play around with the cartoon so I get the main large image and also one of the sides that I liked the image of. I scanned the original canvas this morning. The scanning process has picked up some weird colours as well as the crinkles in the paper as well.

I'm going to scoot off, see if the print shop is open to get it blown up on the plot printer and hopefully I'll be warping up and getting ready to go today.
Stay tuned...

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