Thursday, March 26, 2009

Holiday! Celebrate! If we took a holiday...

I finally bought my tickets to go to the USA for just under 3 months last week - yay! I am finally taking some long service leave and this will be the first long break I've had for ages!!!! I will be starting in San Francisco and San Jose and then making my way across to New York. Hopefully I will be able to get some work done during that time too.

Speaking of work, well weaving infact... I have actually started weaving my next tapestry. It is much larger than I was first planning but the small amount that I wove last night is looking great and it is nice to be weaving in colours I don't normally work in. I've been getting into weaving very large scale portraits, larger than life size, which fits in with my transforming images that look like they could come from billboards into tapestry.

While in my trance last night, I was thinking about my recent works and how they are fitting together and came up with the fact that they fit into two categories; strong women; timid girls. This is a theme that fashion magazines like to work with as well, they either have the strong woman but they love the sensuality and delicateness of a timid looking girl who seems unsure of herself. I guess everyone has these 2 aspects to their personality, me included! They are also 2 aspects that I am drawn to. Think I may have to do some more reading (or refresher reading) on how women are portrayed in the media.

The cover of the latest Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs single. Very Hannah Hoch in appearance.

Loving... Twitter, I'm totally addicted, it may be good bye Facebook. Also loving the new Yeah,Yeah,Yeahs album. Great to weave to.

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