Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Research for a secret party

Nina and Adam having a'bore of a time' at a party. Nina drinks martini's with Absinthe in theme and has an amazing head piece.

Nina tells Adam that 'she simply can't marry him as he doesn't have enough money'... again drinking a martini.

The gang at another fabulous party, I assume that my friend Gilly will be in a tuxedo as well.

I am doing some research for a special gorgeous dress I am wanting to create and a secret party that I want to hold. My inspiration is the movie "Bright Young Things" which is funny as I named my kitty kat after the character Nina in it who also will be the inspiration for my fabulous dress.
Stay tuned for some sketches and mock ups.... oh and martini research! But sshhh... it's a secret.

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