Monday, April 27, 2009

biscuits not cookies

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The awesome Miss Gemma Jones has been talking about Australiana and I was giggling as I realised that we had both made Anzac biscuits over the weekend.

See Gemma's post here... I hadn't made Anzac biscuits for years and cursed not having my copy of Cookery the Australian Way. If you ever did Home economics at high school in Australia, I'm sure you have a battered copy of this book floating around too. I'd love to check out a new copy to see if it has been 'updated' at all or if it still includes that classic rock cakes and various cake recipes. I know that my mum still has my copy at her house... maybe I'll have to grab it back! Cookery the Australian Way was my staple for baking biscuits such as Anzac bikkies!

I was slightly horrified that my partner had never had Anzac biscuits before, I think he's sold on them now though.

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