Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter comings and goings...

I was super excited about the Easter break, I had five days off to relax, do some work and generally mooch around the house. I had offered our house as the venue of a friend's birthday party on Good Friday so I spent the day tidying up and cooking. Menu? miniature slow-cooked lamb Shepard's pies (well miniature in the way that they came in small ramekins) Also there was bright pink and blue cupcakes with pictures of the sneakers that my friend was wearing for the night. I should mention it was a 'Sneaker Freaker' party...

Sneaker <span class=
here are the cupcakes, I took the photo on my iphone so they don't look nearly as bright as they were in real life!

We spent the evening drinking and playing Guitar Hero and Lips and making general fools of ourselves... what a way to spend Good Friday!

Chillies that we grew

Also our chili plant has been going a bit nuts, I picked all these chilies off our plants to freeze. Good for colds and all that when the cold weather starts kicking in, which won't be too far away and personally I can't wait!

Back on the weave now, I got a nasty cigarette burn the other week so it put me out of action but it's all happening now. I haven't posted any photos as they really aren't that interesting as such! This cold weather is making me think about making lovely warm, woolly things too.

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