Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A weekly round up

I've been up to all sorts of things lately and also checking out various new stuff so I thought I would do a weekly round up on what I've been loving and thinking about.

I went to the amazing Zappa plays Zappa last Thursday with my partner and my two pals, Jones and Joe. We went last time they were here in Melbourne and it left us speechless. These guys play for 3 hours some spellbinding music and being a Dweezil zappa fan also, I totally appreciate how much of a great guitarist he has become. This time we had some great seats, 8th row from the front and the priceless moment was seeing my pal Joe totally speechless at the end of the show... he is a gig veteran so I was glad he enjoyed it so much after we had built it up so much!

Dress to wear to a wedding

I've got an old friend's wedding to go to on Saturday, so I'm madly making a new dress to wear. Above is a picture of the fabric I'm using, this is actually the front of the dress in progress. I wanted something cheerful as those who know me well know that I wear the usual Melbourne arts scene of black with a touch of black and it's not always appropriate for a wedding. There will be some mad sewing this week after work!

New knitting book

I've also been back doing some knitting. Currently working on a very chunky skinny scarf that will be finished with large pom-poms ...(or is that Pom-pons Mark? ;-) It was inspired by my pal Aaron's Christian Dior scarf that he wears so well. I also spied this book the other day and had to have it! It has the cutest knitted animal projects and I'm excited to start one in the next week or so.

Also I discovered that my favourite vodka, Belvedere has brought out a new vodka!!! It's in this gorgeous black and pink bottle designed by Andre and is called Belvedere ix (pronounced one - x) It is a flavoured vodka and has 9 different ingredients infused in it! Wow. It could be really disgusting or really bloody good. I'm hoping it's good as the bottle is way too cute. I'm not sure if it's available in Australia yet, I'm sure I will get to try it when I'm in the states later this year anyway. I might see if my lovely boys at Baranows can order a bottle in for us to try... hmmmm.....

I think that's a weeks round up... just for notes, been drinking zubrowka vodka with lemon & lime and soda, just to be fancy. Also drinking cheap Riesling from Germany, courtesy of Aldi. Yay for Aldi! Got stuck in my head Rod Stewart's song Young Turks... 80s goodness. Been eating lots of slow cooked yummy foods and being domesticated. Always a good thing.

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