Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lazy tweeter

I decided that I am a lazy tweeter. I'm amazed at people who can tweet lots. Maybe their lives are a little more interesting than mine? Or maybe I'm too busy to tweet about everything? I don't even think my tweets are that interesting really. Here's a sample of tweets from me over the last month.

  1. Is indifferent to her bar man- just want my drink not the shmarmy attitude!
  2. @Sugadeaux no we haven't 'friended' - I'm impressed there was a giant cupcake prop- where does one purchase that?!
  3. Glad that I got my phoenix tickets for August - that's the band, not the place.
  4. @sugadeaux - Looks Soooooo awesome! Are you really on a giant prop cupcake or was it photoshop'd in later?
  5. Waiting for pizza to be delivered- yep, we r feeling lazy tonite!
  6. @soulgirl76 was trying to get earlybird tix to phoenix now have to wait till tomor-
  7. Hate ticketmasters stupid online system!!!!
  8. I'm hoping this walking to work business gets easier... My calves have pains never experienced before!!! Damn u hills!
  9. @fatticus did the door to door dude give u attitude?! I had a bitchy raffle girl recently- they're out n aboot!
  10. Sometimes gets annoyed and the phrase "can't u see we are running a professional public art gallery"!!! Comes to mind ALOT #fb
  11. Yay to hump day!!!
  12. Heading home after bangers & mash and vodka and beers- pjs, bed and cat cuddles in order!
  13. i have walked far too much today! sore legs now... have to build stamina for 3 months holiday!
  14. @Sugadeaux hot hot hot!!! Great pic miss jess!
  15. Bit sleepy from yummy treats and vodkas at after the tears... Passionfruit mule was suprisingly yummy!
  16. @brad_lucas and u didn't kill anyone in the driving process! Well done!
  17. Gonna do travel stuff... Passport renewal, insurance... Maybe yum cha? Well it is on the way!
Yep, exciting....

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