Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Embroidered Portraits

I am loving these gorgeous embroidered portraits by Justin Morin. They appeal to me seeing I do loads of portraits in my own woven tapestry work. When I am weaving portraits, I find that I tend to look at shape in the way to build up the form. I love these as they play up the flat areas and are less realistic and use the uniqueness of the embroidered form.

I love his quote : "What makes embroidered canvasses so special is the behavior of the thread. The same thread stitched in one direction will change color when stitched in another because it catches the light differently."

Anyone that works with thread and fiber relates to this love of material.

Visit the original link here. Justin Morin you rock!

Miss Mardi xxx


Zeva said...


What a wonderful blog! So happy that you enjoy Justin's work. Just wanted to point out, though, that his last name is spelled "Morin."



miss mardi nowak said...

Thanks Zeva! I changed the spelling, I must of been paying too much attention to my coffee!

Thank you for your comments... I'm going to keep an eye on www.parisbao.com

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