Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A sweater for Amy

I think this is one of the best embroidery projects that I've seen for awhile. I always dig a bit of popular culture with some 'nana craft'. Plus I have a soft spot for Amy Winehouse. This project can be found here and is by Andrew Salomone. He decided that Amy is constantly ill as she doesn't dress appropriately for the weather. His tattoo inspired embroidered sweater will solve this problem!
Maybe I should make these for my friends to show off their tattoos in the cold weather?
Miss Mardi xxx


Gertie said...

This is awesome! It's always sad for me to have to keep my tats covered up in the winter.
P.S. I love Amy too.

miss mardi nowak said...

I just love the idea! The covering of the tatts is always a dilema, cover for work but then showing them off!
p.s I may have to pick your brain of fabric shops in USA to visit. I'm heading over from Oct-Jan.

Gertie said...

Are you coming to New York?? The fabric shops here are amazing! I'm going to do a post soon on my favorites, but email me too and let me know if you want more tips. :)

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