Friday, August 7, 2009

house bound

Broke foot

What a crazy couple of days. I finally got my gorgeous engagement ring on Wednesday night - I love it sooooo much! I also managed to break the joint in my little toe, right along the edge of my foot and spent many hours at emergency. I've never broken a bone before and even though it hurt a lot I expected that there wasn't too much they would do about it. Maybe strap it and some crutches? Boy was I wrong! I had to have a back slap cast which goes to my knee and covers my toe on the side so I can't move it. It seemed awfully excessive for a foot and I'm really crap at moving around with my crutches, leaving me house bound for the next week.

Tasty treats from Sugadeaux!

The best part of being house bound was getting my favourite cupcakes from Sugadeaux home delivered. The gorgeous red velvet cupcakes certainly took my mind off the pain in my foot. A big thanks to Jess, you are the best!

I did think that I would still be able to do lots of things while resting my foot, but I never realized how difficult it is to do things on crutches without putting pressure on my feet! Even getting up and down the stairs, making a coffee, trying to carry stuff - it's all insanely difficult. I have now resorted to watching day time television, sitting with Miss Nina and staying in touch with the world through facebook and twitter. A bit depressing really. I hope Monday will see me do some actual work!

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