Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Inspiration for a dress

Ever since we announced our engagement to my parents, my mum has been in wedding mode! I guess they are just excited and I am the only girl in the family but I never thought that they would be planning so far in advance. We really haven't set a date, though it is likely to be in the new year. I was going to make my own dress, being the crafty lady that I am and also I think it's a little crazy to spend so much money on a dress when I could spend it on martinis! Anyway my mum has insisted on making my dress, no problems there, my mum is a master sewer, better at french seams than I and actually has a little more time on her hands! I'm thinking of a 20s style, comfortable, not meringue like and a bit of a homage to my grandparents who were charleston dancing experts. I can also pull off a hat incredibly well and it's an excuse to have something fabulous made!

So here is some inspiration, who knows, I may even cut my hair like Louise Brooks for the event, but be guaranteed that there will be an awful lot of martinis, mint juleps and other 20s cocktails consumed on the day!

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