Saturday, September 26, 2009

Essential items

Things that will become essential while taking 3 months off and travelling.Image 1: The super tiny Dell mini laptop (mine is green though!) and it fits in my bag easily, light and a dream to blog away on and update my flickr images.

Image 2: I can never travel anywhere without my crumpler bag. I always seem to know exactly where everything is inside thanks to the compartments and they pack alot of stuff and are super tough.
Image 3: new camera! When we moved house, I somehow managed to misplace my other Canon ixus camera. I looked and looked all over for it. I then gave up and went out and bought a new camera (thanks to Sofia at Nord Living for letting me play with hers!). Naturally a couple of days later I found the old camera, it was in the food pantry! Weird. But if you need new digital cameras, check out digital camera warehouse
they are super friendly and really cheap!

Yep, will be living out of a suitcase and keeping in touch with the world via the web so you know that I'm alive. Please leave comments and messages so I know that you are alive too!

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