Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Bit of a Hike!

Mark and I decided to go for a bit of a hike from our hotel to go through China Town heading up to North Beach and Little Italy in San Francisco. We always laugh as we walk excessively while we are away! It was a great day and you always get to see parts of town that you normally wouldn't get to see.

China Town was insane on a Sunday, everyone was out doing their food shopping and I always get a little freaked out by the smell of the food. It's like a smell overload! I also think that all China Town's smell the same.

North Beach walk day

Little Italy and North Beach were beautiful. We stopped at a place called Calzone's as we saw someone having an awesome looking Bloody Mary! It was spicy and refreshing. I shyed away from eating the olives however. Mark braved it and I thought trying 3 olives stuffed with jalepenos a little too much after such a walk.

Bloody marys at calzones

We also found some pretty cute shops. There was a pet supply store that had cute Halloween costumes for animals. I would of loved a glow in the dark skeleton costume for Nina but I'm sure she wouldn't be too impressed. They didn't have any cat dancers (Miss Nina's favourite toy) but we did find something similar which hopefully she will like just as much.

The Ghiradelli building

After many hills and checking out lots of gorgeous houses, including one with two pretty kittys in the window, we finally made it to the water and indulged in a Ghiardelli hot chocolate fudge sundae. Thank god we have cast iron stomachs when you think about Bloody Marys, icecream, chocolate... urgh, it's enough to make you sick! By the way, Calzone's was so good, we even walked back there for dinner and our plates were clean!!!

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