Sunday, October 25, 2009

A bit of San Francisco Culture & a Killer Burger!

Mark and I decided that what we needed was a bit of culture to entertain us and generally make us feel more at home in San Francisco. We decided to visit the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Some of the exhibitions we viewed were:
  • Selection of works from the collection, including Mondrian, Max Beckmann works, Duchamp and Matisse.
  • The fantastic multimedia works by Candice Breitz - always very powerful, a little uncomfortable also.
  • Postwar photography from Japan.
  • Contemporary photography from China, Japan and Korea.
  • Sensate: Bodies and Design - the bone lamp was pretty cool!
  • Between Art and Life: contemporary paintings and sculpture from the collection.
I took loads of photos at the Museum, which can be viewed on my flickr site for more info. Here are some key works that I just loved!

san francisco 015

san francisco 020

san francisco 021

san francisco 042

We also visited the San Francisco Contemporary Jewish Museum which is an amazing building, very reminiscent of Melbourne's own Fed Square, with lots of jagged shapes jutting out. The exhibitions visited:
  • There's a Mystery There: Sendak on Sendak - great to see in conjunction with the release of the film "Where the Wild Things Are".
  • Jews on Vinyl - one of my personal favourites, beautiful installation and a great take on simple yet valuable participation.
  • As it is Written: Project 304,805 - this beautiful exhibition showed a woman who is continually in the gallery, going through the process of writing a torah.
The Contemporary Jewish Museum was fascinating and fun. It was a great example of clever curation of works that were interesting to both people of the Jewish faith but also non-Jewish people. They had mixed modern works with traditional and hisorical artefacts to give viewers a understanding of various aspects of Jewish life and faith. A must see for anyone in San Francisco.

For lunch we found a little Italian café and supply store and stocked up on yummy cheese, salami, bread and salads before walking down near the water to chill out and eat. The seagulls appeared to be very large and domineering. They kind of freaked me out a little, the way they just sauntered along coming closer and closer to us!

After chilling out in the lovely San Francisco sun with some $2 pint beers, we headed to our hotel home to rest up before taking on the Burger Bar which had just opened at Macy’s in Union Square, for what we had heard was some pretty special burgers!

My friend Jess had alerted me to this new Burger Bar by Hurbert Keller who is a bit of a superstar when it comes to meat an sundaes. There is a $60 burger on the menu and trust me alot of people were ordering it! We stuck with some smaller and lower priced burgers but they were DELICIOUS! Both Mark and I said that we would have to go again before leaving San Francisco. We ordered a make your own sundae which unfortunately took forever to get to us, but then they gave us a HUGE icecream sundae, involving 6 scoops of icecream, on the house! Yay! I even got to see the man, Hurbert Keller- I would of liked to have gotten a photo for Jess but it will just have to wait till next time.

Mmmmm.... burgers...... drool....

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