Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bringing out my inner GEEK!

The tech museum has a star trek exhibit... geeky me going to see!

Yesterday I took a lazy Sunday visit to the Tech Museum, I was going to hold off so I could visit the Star Trek exhibit as well but there didn't seem to be too much to do other than eat and shop on a Sunday in San Jose, so I went for the geek option.

I have been to the museum before, although a little reluctantly with my partner. I have to admit that my love for the Tech Museum has grown. It has lots of fantastic, hands on exhibits, the building is beautiful and you also get to view an Imax film included in your ticket - great way to spend a Sunday. The museum is also pretty nifty at using social media. I went to a conference a year ago with some Museum staff in Australia and they were doing some cool stuff.

I'm not that into the Imax movie experience but that was before I had been and seen a film in the Imax Dome!!! I saw the Mummies documentary and totally felt like I was immersed in ancient Egypt. It was an amazing wrap around experience. I will never bag out Imax ever again!

Two of the exhibits in the main part of the musuem that I really enjoyed were:
  1. The exhibits on the internet, how it works, social media and search engines. There's a few people I work with that could learn a lot from this 'dumbed down' teaching of the internetty world!
  2. The Tech Awards Gallery: Technology benefiting humanity was fascinating and thought provoking. It looked at technology in third world countries and environmental technology such as fog harvesting. The displays with the short films were very informative.
So this little geek learnt some stuff but thinks I will go back to see the Star Trek exhibit as well! I'm dying to see the costumes! Yep, still a fashion girl at heart!

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