Saturday, October 24, 2009

A couple of good buys...

great $8 sandles!

I picked up a great pair of super soft white leather sandals that actually fit my giant Polish feet for $8 today!!! They were reduced from $160 to $30 then when I got to the check out they turned out to be $8, super bargain. They are really cute, comfy and will be given a work out when we get back to the Australian summer.

new Moschino glasses with heart

I also was persuaded by these cute Moschino sunglasses for $30. Standard black, though I did try them on in red as well, they have a cute little cut out heart in the bridge of the glasses. I think that they will get a bit of a summer work out as well… I’m a sucker for sunglasses.

  1. I’m becoming a confident public transport person… weird.
  2. I love George Lopez, he is funny and I totally agree with him that black tacos are just bizarre and maybe a little offensive.
  3. American sizings are just not made for me any more. Maybe I’ve been making my own clothes for too long but tight and restrictive clothes aren’t my gig.
  4. I actually enjoyed watching Hannah Montana on tv in my hotel room. What is wrong with me?
  5. My skin is looking terrible with the water change and humid climate of late. Or maybe I’m not eating well? Soup and salads and lots of veggies please.
  6. I’m totally addicted to my iphone, it is now an extension of my body and life.
  7. After many years, I can finally remember the usa coins!
  8. I was disturbed by the amount of usa teens who had committed suicide by jumping in front of the Caltrains. I think there’s been 6 in the last 4 months? Terrible.
  9. Diner food is only good in New York… I truly believe this.
  10. SF tourist brochures are boring and are not catering for things that I would want to do… come on, mark where the major galleries are on the map, not just major chain stores you idiots!

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