Monday, October 26, 2009

Getting crafty

I should mention that a couple of places that we have loved are:

Cask - 17 Third Street at Market in San Francisco. It is a premium whiskey store but also had other spirits and beautiful vintage cocktail books. We drooled alot in there!

We ate great and reasonably priced Mexican food at Tropisueno Mexican Kitchen - 75 Yerba Buena Lane, San Francisco (it's near the galleries and museums). The nachos and the meat taco was excellent, the fish taco was great except I didn't like the battered fish, prefer it just grilled.

We shopped it up at G-Star San Francisco at 76 Geary Street, well actually Mark did. Great service, store not as big as the New York one but still pretty great.

sf shop and craft day 003

sf shop and craft day 001

We hit two galleries today, the Museum of Craft and Folk Art and checked out the Open Source Embroidery exhibition which was very hands on. It looks at the space between hand made craft and traditional crafts and the use of new technologies. I even did some weaving on a project where by people can learn how to weave and the strips woven will be sewn together to make blankets for the homeless. The girls at the museum were lovely, very helpful and we had chats about how the museum works, the changes from when the museum moved venues and where else to go! We had a great time there.

We also went to the Design Museum on Sutter Street. This is opposite from where we normally stay in San Francisco. There was an exhibition of wood pieces there. It was interesting but also a little repetitive in the construction of the exhibition. I would be interested to see what other exhibitions they have there during the year.

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