Friday, October 23, 2009

Hello San Francisco

After about a week in San Jose, I have arrived in San Francisco. I was here two years ago but only for a few days so I am hoping to see more of what SF has to offer. I caught the Caltrain from San Jose to San Francisco, it’s great, cheap and pretty comfortable. However I had to go in the “luggage car” due to my mega suitcase and had to sit near a group of English tourists which were pretty annoying and really rude to other train riders, constantly getting in the way and talking very loudly… hhmmmm….

I am staying at the Beresford Hotel for the next two nights. We stayed here last time and enjoyed it. The hotel kind of reminds me of The Shinning but in a good way. It has beautiful red carpets, old furniture and does a great breakfast. I have to say when I arrived this afternoon it didn’t quite live up to the memory that I had of it. The room that I’m staying in is really small compared to the mansion of the Hotel Montgomery in San Jose. The pillows are squishy and I was getting used to having a king size bed. It also has a weird smell which I don’t remember being there before. The lack of internet is driving me crazy too! ARGH!!! Luckily Mark arrives tomorrow and we only have one more night here before we move to a hotel with wifi.

I must be missing my other half (and kitten) as I’m not really feeling the San Fran love today. It seems really touristy after the cruisey feel of SJ. People aren’t quite as friendly but happy to take your money. I’m hoping that this feeling with go away in the next few days. Maybe I just need to see some good art and have a good meal and it should all be ok!

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