Thursday, October 15, 2009

long trips and big beers

I bought a pint of Stella at the supermarket for like $2.50!

After a long flight and 3 train trips later... I arrived in San Jose today. I went for a bit of a walk this afternoon, thankfully the rain had stopped, to try and get my bearings a bit more. It's been nearly 2 years since I've been in San Jose and I'm thankful that I booked an excellent hotel in the middle of town. The staff have been great, super helpful and the room is huge! I've been in smaller New York appartments! It has the whole dressing gowns, special shampoos and a bath!

My main mission today was to go and get toothpaste, I managed to forget it! After much walking around, I went to my favourite skate store... was disappointed that my favourite dress store is closing, drooled at all the 'hand stirred martini' signs and visited the Safeway market. Oh my goodness, so much space, so much food! I bought large and lovely raspberries for $3! I also couldn't help but get a pint of Stella (which I'm drinking now) for $2.50 (see above) and my favourite ruffle chips.

Tomorrow, I have to do boring stuff like get my phone working and get a step up transformer thing... glad to be here though, feels like home.

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