Saturday, October 24, 2009

Out in Haight Ashbury

mark at magnolia breweryAlign Center

The MaMa's left the Beresford yesterday and made the journey to the other hotel that we are staying at for a week in San Francisco. Thankfully the walk to the other hotel was downhill, though that was slightly challenging with a heavy bag on wheels. I was afraid that it was going to become out of control and take someone out!

We had to walk past some interesting and dodgy characters to get to this huge, historical and fancy hotel. There were lots of people yelling at one another and staggering around... always great, early in the morning.

After settling in to the new hotel which definitely has a Shining factor to it, we went for a walk to Haight Ashbury to take in the sights and get some snacks. Last time we were in San Francisco we visited Magnolia Brewery and the beers and snacks were lovely. We went back and had meatloaf sandwiches, sausages, chips and beers. The above photo shows Mark with a very dainty glass of Kalifornia Kulsch (if I got that right?!)

One of the amusing things about our current hotel room is that it has 2 double beds, that is all they had available when I booked! So Mark and myself are like a couple of oldies sleeping in seperate beds! He, He!

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