Monday, October 19, 2009

San Jose Museum of Art 40th anniversary

Ok after some hiccups with outfits... i was told that it was 'black tie' not formal... I had a panic attack... anyway I went how I would normally go, I attended the Museum's 40th anniversary.

san jose museum of art 40th anniversary 003

It was a big night! I love here at these events that they have a full bar and there was lots of people drinking martinis. I even tried a champagne with pomegranate syrup. A little sweet but nice for one drink. It started off with drinks and canapes in the gallery, allowing me to get another look at the Chuck Close exhibition. We were all then led outside by drummers who performed in the courtyard before taking us to our dinner venue, the Fairmont.

san jose museum of art 40th anniversary 006

I was very lucky to have been seated at one of the tables near the dance floor and where all the formalities occurred. There was loads of entertainment including an opera singer, fundraising auction, this amazing woman who did acrobatics from a suspended cloth and a the night ended with a crazy group who were a cross between burlesque and a marching band who tore up the centre pieces, simulated sex antics and a boy in a bedazzled g-string weather a mask... yeah it was odd and loud!

san jose museum of art 40th anniversary 008

The theme was all paisley as you can see from the goodies bag above and the program. I was seated next to a lovely couple who were art collectors and sound like they had some great works! I love meeting collectors who are prepared to take a chance on art and purchase challenging pieces. Hopefully I can catch up with them again and see some of these works.

All in all a great night, lovely food and quite the experience.

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