Sunday, October 11, 2009

Serious Suitcase

Serious suitcase

I leave for my 3 month adventure in the USA on Wednesday and with working right up to my departure date, this weekend was my last chance to get anything done, such as washing and packing. I had been putting my packing off. The thought of packing and living out of a suitcase for three months, slightly terrifies me. What should I take? How will I deal with West Coast vs East Coast weather? How much is it all going to weigh?!

I did pack everything into my old red suitcase with the thought of buying a newer and more sturdy case overseas. The red case had got me through several domestic trips as well as Germany, USA, Jamaica and Cuba. However, my kitty had also taken quite a liking to it and had been using it as a scratching post. After packing it all, I inspected where she had been scratching, only to find that she had managed to scratch all the way through! There was a very well established hole! Thankfully I found this now on the Sunday before leaving. It meant having to dash out and purchase a new case (above) which makes me look like a serious traveller and hopefully will live up to its 10 year warranty promise. The silver industrial case will be my friend for the next 3 months. Unlike my 2 year old ipod which decided to die yesterday and hopefully will be replaced before I leave on its warranty!

So far I've broken my foot, my case and an ipod. They say things come in three's so my trip will be safe, fun and easy!


Chai said...

Good luck. Hard cases are good I reckon but the drawback is the weight :-(

miss mardi nowak said...

I think that I'm just under so fingers crossed!

Chai said...

Maybe of interest :-)

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I can certainly agree with opinion regd the baby wipes.

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