Friday, November 20, 2009

Babushka... matryoska...

As a child I was a little obsessed with the Kate Bush song and film clip for Babooska. I don't know if this had any kind of influence on my love for matryoska dolls (or Babushka dolls) but I do remember watching the film clip on Saturday morning television and being mesmerized by the dance moves and switch from black leotard to the above foxy/warrior woman outfit in the chorus.

My new friend Silje who is a native Norwegian did the gorgeous matryoska design above. I love it so much, it is a modern take on the doll but the body is still very traditional. I also think that her face is very expressive. You can check out Silje's flickr page here and her wonderful etsy store here! Stay tuned for another matryoska surprise soon!

Matryoska bag

While I've been in Portland Maine, I found this really cute store called Eli-phant which is on Congress Street up near the excellent Squid and Whale Tattoo. I spyed this cute matryoska bag in the window and had to buy it! Check them out, they stock beautiful artist made prints and other goodies, so support artists who make cool stuff! The girl in the store was lovely and we had lots of chats about comics, tapestry and printmaking.


Silje Røe Hagland said...

yay! So glad you like the tattoo!

Isn't Eli Phant great!!! I walk by it every day, and it's terribly tempting to walk inside and just buy it all :)


sally said...

Thanks for stopping in! I am loving exploring your blog!

Sally @ Eli Phant

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