Sunday, November 29, 2009

Julian Plenti is Skyscraper...

I was incredibly fortunate to check out Julian Plenti at the Bowery Ballroom this week. Julian Plenti is the alter ego of Paul Banks, lead singer of another favourite band Interpol. The last few times I have visited New York I have managed to miss Interpol gigs by days, never managing to get my travel arrangements sorted to see them. This time it all worked out and I got to see this great gig in one of the famous/infamous venues in NYC.

The Bowery Ballroom
is a beautiful and intimate space, reminiscent of the old Metro in Melbourne with it's viewing levels but is about the size of the Corner Hotel!

The support band was a local group called I am You (not to be confused with the Aussie group You am I). Julian Plenti played as a five piece including an amazing young man on cello! I have to admit that I did find the other guitarist pretty annoying, anyone would of thought it was his group not Paul Banks, and his over the top antics were quite distracting alongside the serenity of Paul Banks.

The group played a few covers as well, including a beautiful version of A Horse with No Name. Thank you Julian/Paul! I feel incredibly lucky to have seen the gig!

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