Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Leaving San Francisco...

A painted wall we saw in SF

I thought I'd share one of the last weird images that we saw in San Francisco... Is your dog bulimic?

I’m feeling quite bad that I haven’t done any blogging for about a week but I haven’t had my internet connected to my lap top only my phone, apologies if you have been dying to hear what I have been doing.

Mark and I spent our last few days in San Francisco lapping up the sunshine. It had been beautiful weather pretty much the whole time we had been there and barely any fog, which I hear is quite rare. We did spend a drunken evening at a tiny cool bar called The Owl Tree, we were lured in for the $3 pints and ended up staying from 4pm in the afternoon until midnight. Needless to say we had quite the hangovers the next day and ended up at the Burger Bar for some much needed sodas, fries and burgers.

Mark left San Francisco to head back to Melbourne, leaving me to catch my flight to Boston. The good news is the coat that Mark lost at Sydney airport on his way to SF was handed in and he got it back during his stop over! Amazing really. We had a bit of a laugh about his coat holidaying in Sydney while we were overseas. It was a bit of a blessing as he never needed it during our holiday as it was so warm.

I flew to Boston with Virgin America which I would highly recommend to fly with. Very comfortable seats and great staff. After off loading a whole heap of my luggage to Mark to take back with him, my suitcase was under the domestic weight range so I didn’t have to pay a huge amount to check it!

Just for a some photos, here are the cute vans that I got on sale at Urban Outfitters for $29, yep, happy bargain!

Vans deconstructed in checked cool

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