Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Marimekko and Design Research...

Boston has one of the limited Marimekko concept stores in the USA so I was pretty excited to go and check it out. Anita one of my hosts in Boston, took me to the store. Anita is a long time lover and wearer of Marimekko so it was no surprise that when you added us two girls together that it was slight chaos in the store. It felt like we tried on almost everything! We would put something on, come out and show the other, go back in and try something else. There was also a lot of running around the store in our outfits without shoes on, looking for another special piece.

There was so much to choose from! I ended up not going too insane and purchased a series of gorgeous linen printed tea towels for our very retro looking kitchen in Melbourne. I also got 2 long sleeve t-shirts, one in the classic Marimekko stripes, another with a lovely rabbit print on it. I also managed to finally buy one of the cute rain ponchos. I have been looking at these for ages and there were 2 left in the store, black with a lining of black and white polka dots. The great thing about these rain ponchos is they pack away into their own carry bag and are light and little for travelling. When I had my rain poncho on, Anita squealed with “where did you find that?!” and ended up buying the remaining poncho also. We are now officially Marimekko rain poncho twins!

Marimekko tea towels

Luckily during my time in Boston, there has been on display a series of vintage Marimekko pieces as well as other vintage items that you would of found at a store that was a bit of an institution called ‘Design Research’. Unfortunately the store is no more but it was great to go and view from the outside the 3 levels of dresses, fabrics, furnishing and homewares, all set up. It was a little difficult to take photos but I tried and they are here on flickr. There are several articles on the former store and this display which you can also find on the internet. I took quite a few photos from outside which you can find on my flickr site.

Boston design research 024

Oh Boston, how I love your Marimekko store and your beautiful fabrics!

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