Saturday, November 28, 2009

More Marimekko goodness!

Thank you to the Marimekko website which is where I got these images from! Here are some goodies that I picked up at the shop. I was really happy to visit the store in New York which is small but has loads of stock. I was also really pleased that they had lots of items in my size!

The new 'rabbit print' is one of my favourites! I bought this long sleeve t-shirt and I love the fact that it has a front and back!

I also got the rabbit print dress, however mine is in black and white print. I love the overlapping of the rabbits which is essential Marimekko design.

I also got this gorgeous little dress. It's much shorter than what I would normally wear but with tights it looks great! I love the little flare on the side and it is lined in yellow! It also has pockets which I am a big fan of! I will definitely be visiting again before I leave NYC!

1 comment:

Polyxena said...

They look great - now we want the photos of you in them! you can always post stuff back if you buy lots more. They look very Mardi ;>))

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