Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Urban Burp Fabrics San Francisco

During one of our crazy walks around San Francisco, we stumbled upon this store purely by chance. It looked really interesting and like it had some great fabrics, though it was closed. (Even though the sign said open!)

We made the trip back after I checked the opening hours on the internet, only to find a “Back in 15 minutes” sign on the door!!! Was I destined not to buy anything from this store?! We waited on the steps only to be told by a security guard that we couldn’t sit there as it was loitering!! They ended up letting us stay as we said that we were just waiting for the store to reopen.

It was definitely worth the wait. Urban Burp is a treasure trove of authentic vintage goodies. The owner is a wealth of knowledge. I could of gone absolutely nuts buying up stuff but ended up with 2 lengths of fabric to make dresses out of. I must email them to get the exact years of them but they are mighty cute! Stay tuned for photos of them made up when I get back to Melbourne!

Fabric from urban burp in SF abstract martinisAlign Center

I love this 60s number with it's abstracted designs... I see abstracted martini glasses and power lines! Love it!
fabric from urban burp in SF

This one I saw immediately when I walked into the store and had to have it. I love the contrasts between the graphic background with the beautiful 'etched' images of ships almost collaged on. I think that both will become dresses!

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