Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Yay for Mittens...

So with the change from the west coast of the USA to the east coast, came the cooler weather. I actually love the cooler weather, jackets, boots and scarfs. I don’t think that I was actually quite prepared for the change from about 26 degrees to about 10 degrees and it has taken me about a week to acclimatise to the change.

The cooler weather, joined with having spare time on my holidays meant that I thought I should pick up some knitting needles! I had been looking at mittens and knitted hats but hadn’t been able to find anything that appealed or that fitted my giant hands appropriately. Luckily there is a great little yarn store in Brookline called a good yarn, close to where I am staying so I have made several trips to purchase some patterns and yarns that I can’t get in Australia. I have picked up all the necessary equipment to start knitting away on some mittens.

One mitten complete!

I have knitted all sorts of things over the years but never attempted mittens before. My first attempt in a gorgeous variegated Noro yarn wasn’t too bad. However I think I got carried away on my second mitten and it is slightly longer than the other - my friend Jess said I should of made lobster mittens, being in Boston. Yes, one claw bigger than the other! Well after this first attempt I have gone mitten crazy! I am working on a pair for my host Bud Collins, who described my mittens as ‘Hall of Fame mittens’, which inspired me to keep on the mitten madness.

It’s quite fun to be knitting away on some small projects that I can take away with me but also wear in this cooler weather. The great thing about mittens also is that my giant engagement ring fits inside!

Yay for knitting, yay for mittens and yay for friends who are happy to be the recipients of the mittens also!

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