Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bingo Bingo Bing - o!

NYC bingo buddies

I’ve played an awful lot of bingo while in New York…

I’ve played drag bingo with hostess Ginger Snaps at Posh bar on a Monday evening.

I’ve played Porno bingo at Pieces on a Wednesday evening. (They generally have a ‘porno star’ help with calling out the numbers)

I’ve played Jackpot bingo with the lovely Vodka Stinger at Pieces on a Sunday.

Yeah, it’s a lot of bingo. But guess what? I actually won some cash! Monday night bingo at Posh always ends the night with a jackpot where you pay $2 a board and if you win, you get the cash. It was $140 this week and you’re looking at a winner!

Finally! So much bingo… not so many prizes… until now!

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