Saturday, December 26, 2009

Central Park, Snow and the Cooper Hewitt

Cooper Hewitt Museum in much nicer weather from their website.

We have arrived back in New York City after travelling with the holiday masses from Portland Maine. It was a little bit of the bus trip from hell but we arrived all in one piece!

It had snowed pretty heavily in NYC, much more than the sprinkling that we got in Portland. We decided that our first full day back should involve two of our loves, my favourite museum The Cooper Hewitt and a walk through Central Park.

The Cooper Hewitt Design Museum had two exhibitions on, the first was a celebration of inovation in design in the USA - simply called Design USA. It was an interesting display celebrating those who have done great design, such as Tuppaware, the dudes who invented Adobe, Frank Gehry and even fashion designer Tom Ford. It was a great way to introduce non design people to think outside the square of what design is and how it infiltrates their everyday lives. You can find out more about Design USA from their website.

The other exhibition at the Cooper Hewitt was Design for a Living World. This exhibition was amazing and very well designed. The best way to describe the exhibition is this statement from the Cooper Hewitt website:

"Ten leading designers have been commissioned to develop new uses for sustainably grown and harvested materials in order to tell a unique story about the life-cycle of materials and the power of conservation and design. The featured designers and places include Yves Behar/Costa Rica; Stephen Burks/Australia; Hella Jongerius/Mexico; Maya Lin/Maine; Christien Meindertsma/Idaho; Isaac Mizrahi/Alaska; Abbott Miller/Bolivia; Ted Muehling/Micronesia; Kate Spade/Bolivia; and Ezri Tarazi/China. On view will be the prototypes, drawings, and finished product created by the designers. The exhibition is co-curated by renowned graphic designer Abbott Miller and Ellen Lupton, curator of contemporary design at Cooper-Hewitt. This is the debut venue in a national tour of the exhibition, organized by The Nature Conservancy. "

There is more information and videos with the designers involved here. Two of my favourite projects in this exhibition was the wool rugs by Christien Meindertsma... it made me want to knit really big!! Also the amazing salmon leather project by Isaac Mizrahi was beautiful and fascinating. Who knew that you could make salmon leather?!

After the museum, Mark and I took a stroll through Central Park to see it in all it's beauty after a good load of snow! We probably shouldn't of bought so many books from the museum as it was alot to carry through out the park! Central Park really was a winter wonderland and here are some snapshots of the snow and ice and us enjoying it!

central Park 2009 013

central Park 2009 007

central Park 2009 015

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! xxx

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