Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Crack Dens & Hells Angels...

(picture of the Hells Angels Clubhouse near our appartment)

During my little three month adventure, I have travelled a little bit around the USA but I’m spending my last month mostly in New York City as well as a side trip to Portland Maine again (this time with my fiancĂ©).

The first week spent in NYC was in midtown, in a lovely hotel right near the Empire State Building. It was quite special getting up in the morning, wondering if the people in the office building next door could see me wandering around the room in my bra and knickers. The room was small but new and the bed comfy. The shower was large and marble… there was a plasma television with loads of cable channels and I was happy in the evenings to mess around on my lap top taking advantage of the complimentary free wifi and watching weird movie marathons. That was for a week.

I then moved into a sublet apartment that my friend Shannon found on airbnb website. There was 5 of us staying at this apartment which we thought would be ok for the 2 weeks in Manhattan. Gee were we slightly wrong! We all started to get a little concerned when we couldn’t get a hold of the girl Nila who we had to arrange collection of the key from. We all had tried calling her to no avail. Finally we made contact and I walked in the rain to meet and get the key. The apartment looked smaller in real life but that was to be expected. What we didn’t expect was that we were staying next door to the Hells Angels club house and that they were having their 40th anniversary celebrations with members coming from Norway, France, England and all over the USA. As you can imagine, the nights were loud and my house mates who smoke were a little dubious on smoking outside with them.

When I told my friend Evan where we were staying he stated “you’re staying in the safest area! No one will break into your place being next to them!” I guess that is true.

We have nicknamed the apartment the Crack Den, mostly as you can imagine what a small area is like with 5 people living, drinking, eating and shopping in looks like…. Yep, our apartment. That hotel seems like such a distant memory…

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