Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holidays and Movies

While I’ve been travelling around for about the last two months, I’ve gone and seen a few films. I love going to the movies, however I must admit that I don’t get around to it so much when I am home in Melbourne. So here are some of the films that I’ve managed to check out while travelling in the USA:

Zombieland… I loved this film! It was really funny and I Woody Harelson was perfect in it! I blogged about this during Halloween!

2012... I checked this out in Boston and although I wasn’t really into seeing it, I went as it was on at the time that I wanted to go. It was your typical, end of the world as we know it kind of film. Lots of action but generally pretty dull. I would think that it will be even worse on the small screen!

An Education… this was an absolutely beautiful film! Set in the 1960s it is one of those coming of age films but the main character is so beautiful, smart and witty that I wish I had been her! There were several plot aspects in the film that reminded me of my own life… if only I could of worn the fabulous clothes that they had!
Ninja Assassin… I went and checked this out with a friend of mine and we did have a good time and a good chuckle! The action and blood and gore was very entertaining but it also had very bizarre story aspects… like it was set in Berlin?! It also ended with a Spiderbait song which had myself and pal Benj laughing in the seats!

Men Who Stare at Goats… I had been wanting to see this movie as soon as I saw the trailer, mostly due to the jedI line to Euan McGregor. Although entertaining and interesting, it wasn’t quite the movie I thought it was going to be. George Clooney was great but I can never quite dig Euan with an American accent.

The Fantastic Mr Fox… this was my Thanksgiving day film and I’m really glad that I went and saw it. For starters, I love Roald Dahl books and movies where animals take on human characteristics. It was beautiful and funny and charming and would be one of my new favourites!

Movies that I am hoping to check out before going home to Australia:
Precious Sherlock Holmes Wolfman (with Benicio del Toro)

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