Friday, February 27, 2009

Loves and hates

I'm such a lazy blogger lately, though it's probably been because I've been super busy with work. Though a quick post to say things that I love and un-love of late.

Love Florence and the Machine, especially the song Dog Days are Over... love, love, love it! Can't wait to pop it on my ipod.

Florence and the Machine

Loving Miss Sphinx, a girl I met in the gallery who makes some amazing and large ceramic jewelry pieces. Check out her website here.

Loathing people who have southern cross star tattoos... I see them everywhere and I cringe whenever I see them. Living in a multi-cultural country, I'd like to think we weren't so patriotic. Yep, I have star tattoos but not the 'southern' ones... just ick!

Loving drinking Hemmingway daiquiris at Baranows bar made by Chris, they are simply refreshing, pretty to look at and named after a cool person. Perfect combo in my books.

Loving the thought of going to some good gigs soon, Zappa plays Zappa, most likely Evan Dando and Vulgargrad. Loathing people who can't commit to things and cancel last minute. That can be me sometimes but I do over commit a lot so I think it's a balance.

Loving hanging out with my besties... you know who you are! Loathing not spending enough time with those I love to be with.

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