Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lazy tweeter

I decided that I am a lazy tweeter. I'm amazed at people who can tweet lots. Maybe their lives are a little more interesting than mine? Or maybe I'm too busy to tweet about everything? I don't even think my tweets are that interesting really. Here's a sample of tweets from me over the last month.

  1. Is indifferent to her bar man- just want my drink not the shmarmy attitude!
  2. @Sugadeaux no we haven't 'friended' - I'm impressed there was a giant cupcake prop- where does one purchase that?!
  3. Glad that I got my phoenix tickets for August - that's the band, not the place.
  4. @sugadeaux - Looks Soooooo awesome! Are you really on a giant prop cupcake or was it photoshop'd in later?
  5. Waiting for pizza to be delivered- yep, we r feeling lazy tonite!
  6. @soulgirl76 was trying to get earlybird tix to phoenix now have to wait till tomor-
  7. Hate ticketmasters stupid online system!!!!
  8. I'm hoping this walking to work business gets easier... My calves have pains never experienced before!!! Damn u hills!
  9. @fatticus did the door to door dude give u attitude?! I had a bitchy raffle girl recently- they're out n aboot!
  10. Sometimes gets annoyed and the phrase "can't u see we are running a professional public art gallery"!!! Comes to mind ALOT #fb
  11. Yay to hump day!!!
  12. Heading home after bangers & mash and vodka and beers- pjs, bed and cat cuddles in order!
  13. i have walked far too much today! sore legs now... have to build stamina for 3 months holiday!
  14. @Sugadeaux hot hot hot!!! Great pic miss jess!
  15. Bit sleepy from yummy treats and vodkas at after the tears... Passionfruit mule was suprisingly yummy!
  16. @brad_lucas and u didn't kill anyone in the driving process! Well done!
  17. Gonna do travel stuff... Passport renewal, insurance... Maybe yum cha? Well it is on the way!
Yep, exciting....

everybody needs skull boots!

These boots are just sooooo cool! I would own a pair if they weren't $2,000! Go here if you would like to drool over them too. I'm not sure if they would ever go with anything I wear but maybe I could just look at them and sit them on the mantlepiece?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Review of Manipulate: Construct exhibition

The latest edition of Textile Fibre Forum has a review of the exhibition Manipulate: Construct that I curated at Town Hall Gallery in December 2008. Click on the image for a larger version to read. The article is written by Valerie Kirk, Head of Textiles at Canberra University. Although it has appeared after the exhibition, it is nice to see what other people think of it!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eurovision, how I love thee...

I love the catchy tunes, the dancing, singing in another language and dressing up. This is Moscow calling... need I say more?!
Thanks so Shan's for the poster from the weekend, we had loads of fun, lots of vodka and I think I was dancing like a cossack as my legs were so sore the next day! For more Eurovision details visit here!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

chicks on speed and the power of the theremin

Miss Milly and Miss Amy who have been working on this tapestry!

Although this exhibition is over (Viva La Craft by Chicks on Speed at Craft Victoria) I had the opportunity to see this fantastic tapestry being woven at the exhibition. Weavers from the Victorian Tapestry Workshop worked on this masterpiece which is apparently getting shipped to Moscow (I think?) to be turned into a theremin!!! Not only do I love the theremin but the fact that they are combining it with tapestry is weird, awesome and very original.
I can't wait to see how it all turns out... check out this article for more info on the fabulous Chicks on Speed and this tapestry collaboration.
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