Friday, January 29, 2010

A little thing that I'm working on...

Re-invent, Re-interpret, Re-make is an exhibition that I am curating at Town Hall Gallery for August 2010. Almost a blessing in disguise, we had a cancellation for an exhibition while I was overseas on long service leave. I had to come up with a show very quickly so the 'Re' show is bit of a baby for me.

Here's the little blurb about it that went into the calendar, a big thanks to Jones for the lovely 'R' promo image as well.

"They say that everything is old is new again and that there are no new ideas,
just new ways of interpretation. This exhibition explores the idea of
re-invention, re-interpreting old ideas into new ones and re-making materials
into works of art.
Artists selected have either paid homage to iconic artworks and re-interpreted them in a modern way of have taken traditional
artisan skills and re-invented them into works that will challenge how you see
arts and crafts. The lines between what is old and traditional are blurred
by the modern and now."

I've started approaching some artists about this exhibition, both Australian and international, however we will also be doing a bit of a call out as well. If you're a blog reader and interested in this exhibition or would like to pop in a proposal, please email me at

I think it will be fabulous and I'm really looking forward to working on this exhibition!

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